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Parent Survey

This survey asks for your feedback about the child care and development program your child attends. The California Department of Education is very interested in how the program helps you to support your child’s learning and development and meet your family’s needs. Your responses will be completely confidential and will help us to improve the services provided to you. If you have more than one child who attends this program, please answer the following questions about your youngest child in the program.

School Site
Answer Required
1. How satisfied are you with the overall quality of this program?
Answer Required

2. Do you feel that

A. Your child is safe in this program?
Answer Required
B. Your child is happy in this program?
Answer Required
3. Have you received information from the program about the following?
Answer Required
A. How children develop at different ages (e.g., walk, talk, etc.)
B. How your child is growing and developing
C. How your child is doing in the program
D. Schedule of daily activities
E. What you can do to help your child learn and develop
F. Parenting skills
G. How to find other services in the community (e.g., employment and training opportunities, parenting classes, health care)
H. Where to report health or safety concerns and complaints
I. Experience and training of program staff
J. Discipline procedures
K. How you can get involved with your child’s program
If no, select below
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5. Has your child’s enrollment in this program made it easier for you to:
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Not Applicable
A. Accept a job?
B. Keep a job?
C. Accept a better job?
D. Attend education or training?
6. How satisfied are you with these characteristics of your child’s program?
Answer Required
Very Satisfied
Not Satisfied
A. Hours of operation
B. Location of program
C. Number of adults working with children
D. Background and experience of staff
E. Languages spoken by staff
F. How program staff communicate with you
G. Meeting the individual needs of your child
H. Interaction between staff and children
I. Interaction with other parents
J. Parent involvement
K. Equipment and materials
L. Cultural activities
M. Daily activities
N. Environment
O. Nutrition
P. Health and safety policies and procedures
Q. How the program promotes your child's learning and development